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June 2, 2019

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John & Christina

November 18, 2018

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Isn't She Beautiful?!

March 31, 2018

It's definitely been one of those winters... the kind where I just wish the spring would get here already. The kind where we are teased with suddenly warm days only to be brought back to reality with the striking cold of a winter storm. The kind where, if I have to stay inside one more day, I'm going to scream!


But there are days that make the winter so much more bearable! And this was one...


My husband bought me my new DREAM camera! 


Now, this isn't to say I was taking pictures with any run-of-the-mill camera. We'd spent a pretty penny on the camera I'd been using. I'd been coaxing it along, learning all the ins and outs of what it could do... but always wondering when I could step up to the big camera... THE REAL DEAL CAMERA (this is all in my head, by the way... whatever justifies the upgrade). 


He managed to snag me an awesome deal on my new Nikon D700. I love it. Like, I REALLY LOVE IT! It's almost like the weight of it was meant for my hands! It has capabilities I'd only ever read about (and to the rest of the world, that does mean I was geeking out reading about cool new cameras with amazing settings to make my life easier... yea... I know... keep reading).


I've been driving my daughter nuts with test photos, running around my house chasing my cats to see how well I can adjust my settings... taking very involved selfies! I'm LOVING IT! (My family... probably regretting the decision to buy this for me. Although, my husband remains very tolerant.) 



These are my ever-tolerant kitties... Aren't they adorable? 

My daughter... Who is pretty darn fed-up with mom trying to take her picture... AGAIN!

 She lightened up by the time I took this one. She's got her Momma's heart.


So pardon me if you see me whispering sweet nothing's to my lovely Nikon D700... it is amazing. It deserves to be told. And as long as it helps me take awesome pictures of my equally amazing clients, I'll forever be indebted to it's technological powers.


See you through the viewfinder!


~ Chelsea

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